Weather Forecast for United States

In United States the climate variations are very large and diverse covering an Arctic climate in Alaska, a tropical climate in Hawaii and South Florida, a desert climate in California, Nevada and Arizona and a mediterranean climate on the Californian coast. Whether you are preparing yourself for how to dress or if you are planning a trip or if you run a business affected by weather, the forecast is very useful and an absolutely necessary information. is presenting the current weather today and the 7 day forecast for all the cities in United States with a detailed forecast by hours. We are monitoring the following meteorological data: the current temperature and the minimum and maximum temperature, what the temperature feels like, the amount of precipitation for the next 3 hours, the air humidity, the wind speed, gusts and direction, the atmospheric pressure, the cloudiness. is an excellence source of information for what the weather would be like in your city offering you a large number of monitored parameters, a high degree of accuracy of the predicted values ​​and an intuitive interface.

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